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Zahia Dehar is Some Teenage Slut in Some Soccer Scandal of the Day

I don’t do sports, but I do do prostitutes, so here’s the 18 whore behind a fun scandal involviving two top players of the French Soccer Team who hired her when she was 17 or even 16…in perfect time for World Cup…

The funniest thing in all this is that prostitution is legal in France, it’s just illegal when the person is supposed to be at home playing with barbies or doing whatever else 16 year old girls do….and as much as I make jokes about 14 being legal here and fucking teenage girls as long as they are mature for their age…I’m not an idiot who actually does the shit…and really the 16 year olds who are putting out with anyone who isn’t their high school boyfriend…are usually dirtbag whores who you don’t want to have sex with anyway…and if you’re running after virgin pussy to live out some fantasy…you’re better off going for fat 30 year old bitches with cats…cuz teens aren’t virgins anymore…but losers will always be….

That said….here is the teen whore who’s pussy ruined these guys…one of them who was working out details of a 75,000,000 dollar contract before this whole going to jail shit came up. Idiots….

You need to remember pussy is the devil and pussy will ruin you…so never let pussy get the best of you…even if it offers you the opportunity to live out your fantasy…cuz after the 5 minutes you last are up…the whole thing seems a lot less exciting…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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