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Mother Sees Underage Daughter In an Ad for a Stripclub….of the Day

Here is a story of a mother who saw her underage daughter on an ad for a stripclub, because working as a stripper makes a hell of a lot more money than working the mall food court…especially since kids grow up on the internet and see that the real stars aren’t the bitches on TV and in Movies, but the girls in porn, cuz guys actually jerk off to them….and when you come from a broken home where your morals and values allow you to work in a stripclub at 16, that’s pretty much all you want in life and since it paysit’s fucking bonus….

I was listening to teens talking about sex on a radio show since I don’t have a TV last night. It didn’t really excite me. They were talking about Prom night and a whole lot of other bullshit that wasn’t hot, and reminded me that teenagers who go to Prom are teenagers who aren’t worth trying to fuck, you need the gutter girls who pretend they are 18 so that when the cops come knocking, you can plea ignorance, cuz I don’t know about you, but I never ID the bitches I try to fuck, usually cuz there’s no time before the roofies wear off.

Yeah, that was a shitty joke, don’t worry, I’ve got tons of them.

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