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Tegan and Sara Bikini Pics of the Day

Tegan and Sara are a ganag of lesbians, the kind who plot influencing the world through song, cuz they are lesbians, to hate men and rip off their penises if ever they have a chance, cuz they are lesbians….

They were at one point living and based out Montreal, but now on eof them lives in LA, I’m gonna assume the fat one….. I live in Montreal, but since I don’t run in the lesbian singer songwriter scene and probably never will, cuz lesbians are about as accommodating to meat eaters who don’t recycle, who eat meat and who fuck women as the KKK is to Black Gay Jews….even though we’re all in it for the pussy….you’d think that common ground would be the basis of many high fives….and by high fives I mean trying my best to set up a threesome and break their commitment to lesbianism….

If I knew one of them had fat tits….on her dumpy body…I probably would have stalked her igloo a little harder….

THis has been my first and likely my last Tegan and Sara post….unless the sex tape drops….and I hope it does…even if I hate lesbian porn…it lacks a climax….but then again every girl I knows jerks off to Lesbian porn, so I guess I should find a little love for that….cuz girls with lesbian fantasies….are girls who give me threesome fantasies…

They are twin sisters, possible lovers, cuz at that point their lesbianism is masturbation…until they add another girl in the mix, cuz let’s face it, even lesbians have twin fantasies…..That’s it.

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