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Tereza Kacerova Hot for Stephen Wurth of the Day

Tereza Kacerova is a model who has been NAKED BEFORE and she’s amazing, like so many girls from the Czech Republic I’ve watched have sex on camera, because not everyone has the luxury of leaving the Czech Republic to move to LA, where they can be models…and sometimes fucking on Camera for American perverts pays more in a day than they would make in a month doing other things…like working as a lawyer….or doctor…I like to think Czech pay scale reflects importance in society…because really, I want to see Czech girls naked…always…they are good…

That said, these are by STEPHEN WURTH for GALORE amd I like them…even if she’s a little too clothed…it’s the free the nipple era people, she’s already freed the nipple, what’s this not freeing the nipple all about…I feel scammed, but in a good way, since looking at her is still a win…not enough of a win to say I’m a winner…I suck at life and never win…and these still are just pictures…but still better than nothing…

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Tereza Kacerova for Treats Magazine of the Day

Tereza Kacerova is some model I didn’t realize I was following on instagram, she’s one of the 1700 who don’t follow me back, and I love them all equally, probably because they play hard to get…but not that hard to get, clearly, because she’s did this shoot for our friends and family TREATS MAGAZINE …and they are pretty naked..

I mean she’s just a young Russian sounding girl trying to get ahead like she was Emily Ratajkowski, and the reality is TREATS worked for Emily, it can work for another eager topless girl….

I just hope it doesn’t because the second Emily Ratakowski got famous, was the second she stopped tipping me off on posts and pictures of her to post…

Can’t hate a girl for having some hustle…especially when that hustle is this kind of hustle…naked.

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Tereza Kacerova is Amazing for Fashion of the Day

Tereza Kacerova is the perfect balance of mail order bride…and hipster…she’s got these ridiculous lips that I feel she got in Thailand at a discount on her way to America, or wherever it is that she is, but they could be legit, and lips or not, she’s dressed like some hipster fashionista, which is conveniently how all girls dress, even the really mainstream ones, since hipster isn’t some cutting edge, we’re so different bullshit, but rather some pop tart, we are all the same bullshit, but seeing as I saw this happen from the filth of the after party floor, I appreciate it…but I could be just saying that because of the wet t-shirt tits…yep…that’s exactly why I am saying it.

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