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Sex With a Guitar to Promote a Band in the Music Video of the Day

‘030’ by The Good The Bad (UNCUT) from 030 on Vimeo.

So this shitty up and coming who could be an established band, but that I’ve never hear, but had to put the video on mute because it was painful, came up with a not so genius concept to get themselves out there and to have ppl talking about them….That not so genius concept was to get a girl naked and fucking a guitar….if anyting it is a fucking simple idea, bare bones basic idea, especially for someone who plays the guitar, since the idea of having a girl fuck your instrument you love is probably standard masturbation material, if not even something you do backstage after shows….proving yet again that the internet likes tits, but more importantly likes to pave the way for success to idiots with real basic ideas because they include tits…and I’m not complaining since I like tits and I think this girl is great in this music video…and if I wanted to get famous, or known, I’d be doing similar things, only instead of fucking a guitar, I’d have her fucking a burrito, but I prefer being an unknown loser, it gives me credibility to the 3 other losers who visit this site….who I am trying to impress..

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