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Paris Hilton Owns Christine Lakin of the Day

These are pictures of Paris Hilton hanging out with Christine Lakin dressed in character from Paris Hilton’s new movie she produced called “The Hottie and the Nottie” and I can only assume that since it is a Paris Hilton production, Paris is the Hottie and this Lakin chick is the Nottie and this is her in costume.

Now I’ve heard of chicks taking on a job and that makes them do humiliating shit that isn’t in the job description, like jerking off the manager in the back room after hours, or dressing in pretty revealing clothes, or paying picking up the bosses dry cleaning but going out in costume lookin like a wreck is on a whole other level of shit.

I can only assume that Paris isn’t paying this chick for making a fool of herself to help promote the movie, I have a feeling that Paris just told her that if she wants to hang out with her and if she ever wants to work in the industry again she has to dress in character or else she can just stay at home and kiss her career goodbye and a star struck Lakin who was casted by Paris and thinks she owes her, took one for the team and this is the humilating result.

I guess none of that matters, because a fake ugly Lakin, she still looks better than anything I’ve ever fucked and I know that all I have to do is let down her greasy hair and scrape off those skin lesions and she’d be good to go, not that I’d put that much effort into her, I’m more of a lift up that skirt and bend you over the hood kind of guy.

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