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The Kardashian’s Christmas Card of the Day

What the fuck is going on in this photoshopped to shit Kardashian Christmas card but I know it’s really obnoxious, trashy, tacky, embarrassing, hysterical, maybe even erotic cuz you know how much dick has been inside these lazy bitches as they lived off their OJ trial inheritance before becoming pornstars with black dudes….it is so bad that it has got to be a joke….

The good news is that it is the season of Christmas Miracles and if that is true, then maybe we’ll be lucky enough for them to get in a bus accident on the way to church or wherever the fuck they go as a group, where they are all in the same place at the same time…it’s one of those Goodwill toward man situations that I’ve got on my Christmas list along with the ability to get an erection and a decent pussy to use that erection on as well as winning the lottery, a luxury villa, my wife’s mysterious disappearance and much more good stuff I’ll have to get into over the next week cuz I can’t give out all my Christmas Cheer in one shitty Kardashian Christmas card post….

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