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Fashion Blogger Nipple Picture of the Day

Chiara Ferragni is an overrated fashion blogger…which is basically a special kind of person who in the mid 2000s started a blog where they posted their overpriced outfits and got picked up by the fashion magazines and started to exist…because fashion magazines tried to stay relevant….and fashion brands thought they’d make the best avon ladies – selling product to their fans…making them a lot of fucking money…

So this one, made a ton of fucking money, built an empire of a silly self involved idea and is rich as fuck because of it…

Allowing her to go to Miami and get paparazzied like the low level that she is….

But it feeds her ego, so she gets in slutty poses, to try to take her shit to the next level….her narcissism needs it.

So she doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of the world, but she thinks she does and here’s her nip slip intentional for marketing purposes to propel her brand….

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