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Some Nude Maid Involved in Some Theft’s Naked Pics of the Day

Her name is Kenna DiMartini and she works as a nude maid because I guess her dreams of being a famous porn slut or stripper didn’t work out so well for her because it didn’t allow her to pursue her one true passion of thieving.

So some dude hires this bitch to clean his house naked, even though we all know that these nude maid services are just a front for an escort agency and that she probably didn’t do any cleaning at, except for maybe after dude came. But she did manage to clean out his wife’s jewelry, about 40,000 dollars worth teaching us all a very valuable life lesson, and that’s to fuck whores in hotel rooms or back alleys or in your car and don’t bring them back to your house, because they are whores and whores are fucked up in the head and do crazy shit. So if they aren’t robbing you, they could be shitting on your floor, or having a drug overdose on your watch, and generally you don’t want that shit hanging over your head.

She has some nude pictures on the net, and these are them, so if you want to see the kind of girl you can hire to clean your house and by clean your house I mean fuck you for money then steal your wife’s jewelry totally fucking up your strategy in never letting your wife know you fuck hookers, then here you go.

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