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Theodora Richards See Through Runway Pic of the Day

Theodora Richards is some New York socialte hipster who lives off her legendary Rock and Roll father, Keith Richards’ money…..and like all rich kids with famous parents who move to New York…she’s become a model…and with all models….she’s out showing her tits…because fashion is porn….and something I’ve been jerking off to since the 90s, back before the internet, when they would play runway shows sunday afternoon….it was the only see through and nipple on TV that conveniently filled my hungover pervert needs….

I used to be friends with Theodora Richards on Facebook, but she ended that…and all I get to is a picture of her walking the runway in a see through stare at her inheriting a billion dollar nipples…and it’s more entertaining…and substantially more rewarding…now I just need the video…

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