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Some Thong Bikini Dancing on the Beach of the Day

Who cares about celebrities when you have inbred faced white girls with decent asses dancing on the beach in some creeper video…I mean this is the shit life is about….watching overpaid cunts you shouldn’t care about frolick around in the water is alright…but I’m more into real life bitches…with hot asses…That I can actually approach cuz they don’t have security guards and a totally fabricated importance…cuz all you motherfuckers gave them an ego.

Fuck Hollywood. It’s boring…They are running out of ideas….and the insecure pussy they hire isn’t as hot as cool bitches frolicking the streets who don’t know they are hot and who don’t have this self-righteous bullshit importance…

Real life is where it’s fucking at and here is an ass in dance on the beach.

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