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Tia Mallia’s Hot Bathing Suit Shoot of the Day

Here’s a bathing suit model with some rocking tits because Americans love tits, they love tits so much it doesn’t fucking matter what the tits are attached to, so long as there are tits. I have seen countless models and actors get hype for having big tits alone over the last 20 years. These are people who would otherwise not exist, but thanks to the tits they matter….go viral…and not in a herpes kind of way…but in a making fucking money like a RAT COW would….

So we don’t know Tia Mallia, at least not that I know of…but she’s got tits…she hasn’t gone viral with only 47k followers…she’s apparently from Australia which means she gets drunk and fucks…all Australian girls do…it’s a fact I learned watching Crocodile Dundee….

I don’t know what this shoot is for, but does it really matter, she’s holding her tit in it, which is all that matters in this moment….her and now..that we are sharing…together…but apart so poetic.

Her instagram is HERE if you want to jerk off to more of her…and you do.

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