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Tia Shipman for TREATS! Magazine of the Day


You’ve probably never heard of Tia Shipman, but apparently she’s been on Soap Operas, every actor’s dream and now she’s posing in instagram caliber – fake “art” photography – nude…hoping it pulls the EM RAT COW for her with either booking her a great music video perpetuating her undeserving tits into instagram stardom…something that she’ll be able to monetize, but more importantly land her rich dudes starting from the people who finance the TREATS! escort agency and their exclusive parties…and trickling down to other rich guys into girls with following…

I’m not complaining, naked close ups with all kinds of filters from weird angles may be a stretch in terms of vision or creativity, but it’s still a naked bitch and that’s what life is about – GETTING GIRLS NAKED…so I won’t frown on anyone doing the work for me…if anything I should be their friend..it’s like outsourcing the getting them girls naked so that I don’t have to waste my time doing it. Good job team.

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