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Tian Yi Asian Bikini for Vogue China of the Day

Tian Yi is some asian model who is posing in a bikini for Vogue China…at least I think that’s her name….because I’m not so into Chinese models…but I am into Chinese women…you see they are built like 12 year olds, they age well, their communism allows them to aim to please and appreciate our democracy enough to not fuck up a marriage with a loser like you, meaning you can do what you want and they will serve you, both with food, in household chores, with their tight vaginas, and most importantly, their uterus, that will make genius babies who excell in badminton, classical music, math and programming, allowing you to retire with the good life, all cuz of a little ejaculation…..

Unfortunately, I’ve never banged an asian girl, but I want to….but everyone I know who has is spoiled fucking rotten by them on all fronts….

Here’s one of their models in a bikini!

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