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Tiger Kaufman Naked Hipster Model in Purple of the Day


It’s the Jewish new year this weekend, at least that’s why the old guy eating a bagel outside the deli was screaming at his wife earlier today..and I’ve never met a Kaufman who wasn’t Jewish…so I assume this Kaufman, who goes by the name Tiger, is Jewish…and I also assume that her name is probably not Tiger, but rather something like Tara or Lea or Devorah or Chaviva or Gaviella…yes I googled Hebrew Names…fuck you…

So this Tiger, who probably isn’t named TIger, but could likely have hippie Jewish parents, they do exist, is from Colorado, lives in LA and gets naked for fashion magazines because it’s all part of her big picture artistic expression and I’m all for looking at nude models who aren’t even models…who think they are artists…who are hipsters…but I prefer when they have bush…but this one probably wasn’t always hipster, it’s just a good angle, but was more a Juciy Sweat suit with laser hair removal back in 2009 when it was the trend…

But now the trend is this…nakedness…just enough to pretend to her parents back home that she’s working towards something. I dig it.


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