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Twitter’s Tila Army Members of the Day

So Tila Tequila recently threatened my life and called me a child molester and I should sue her for it and make some money….

Then her twitter army of serious fucking losers polluted my twitter with really weak disses. I guess they were mad I was encouraging their Tila Tequila to kill herself on ustream and she is all they have or the closest thing to fame they’ve every communicated with….

I think it is safe to say that our society is fucked up as it is and the fact that these idiots buy into the lie that is Tila Tequila enough to care if she kills herself reminds us of that…. Tila Tequila is a webcam whore. She doesn’t care about her fans. She is just struggling to stay relevant and she is fucking annoying…

Her TV show was a lie, she had a boyfriend the entire time and only got the shit because mainstream felt they needed an internet personality back when Myspace was bough for 500,000,000 dollars and the fact that anyone looks up to her or sees her as an icon is beyond fucking pathetic….even more pathetic than Tila Tequila’s attempt at career or tit her ghetto boob job.

So I decided to show you an overview of some of her amy members who are pretty much just her followers to show you who is drinking the Tila Tequila Kool Aid, in hopes of getting laid cuz she’s over and even the trashiest of trash knows that…

I know it is time to start ignoring her, because otherwise, we’re by default just one of these people keeping her name in the media, but before we put that much needed ban on Tila Tequila here are some of the people in her Army….

FIrst off – Carleana from Kansas – Who is clearly SUPER fucking hot…. and who wrote this to me “@drunkstepfather you are not going to win this so just back down now the Tilaarmy will put you on blast you lowlife drunk”

Next Up – Lovely Lesbian Lyndsey from Kentcky who wrote “@drunkstepfather bitch Idk who the fuck you are, But ima be nice & say please, back the fuck off @officialTila , #TilaArmy owns this”

Here’s Asia the East Side Rida who said “@drunkstepfather is just mad because @officialtila gets more vajj then he ever will”

Here’s my favorite, this pic can’t be for real, her name is Sidney who said “@drunkstepfather your the only thing WE can see sitting on the Bottom,,as we look down. @officialTila Is on to”

Here’s Herbert Ackerman – who wrote something I’m sure he knows a hell of a lot about- “I have never ever heard before of @drunkstepfather but reading his tweets, he’s got serious issues, like not gothing any pussy”

Here’s Melissa who’s only friend is her TV and that is why she is so tight with Tila and she wrote “@drunkstepfather mouth diarrhea much? #TilaArmy warned ya” , clearly diarrhea is something she knows a lot about, just look at the poor shit she’s got sitting on her lap….

What was even funnier about Melissa was her background image…..this screams serious trash…probably a cashier…but most likely on welfare….

Lookin’ good ladies…I would embarrassed if you guys went to bat for me…you are all ugly gutter sluts and one dude who masturbates too much…

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