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Scary Thing with a Vagina of the Day

This has to be a fucking monster…there is no way this has sex…I don’t care how many awards she’s been given…they should be given back cuz she doesn’t look like a woman…she doesn’t even look fucking human…and that’s unfair to the real people she was nominated with…it’s probably unfair to any guy who has been horny enough to fuck her because she has a vagina…in one of those “why do you have to seduce me and test my willpower by coming onto me hard enough to make me struggle with my moral, values and standards cuz I just can’t say no to fucking any pussy” situations….That’s all I have to say about that….but I’m thinking she’s probably a lesbian cuz lesbians are more open minded to ugly and look past the horrible surface and see the fragile angel inside with the hefty bank account….

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