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Tim McGraw Stages a Fight of the Day

In trying to keep up his cowboy image and get some press as some good wholesome country boy who defends a woman’s honor, Tim McGraw hired a fat dude to get “unruly”, whatever the fuck that means, with women in the audience so that he could stage this scene, throw up his dukes, look like a hero and go back to singing like it aint a thang and just part of a country boy’s life.

It makes me laugh, not because I give a fuck about Tim McGraw or the fact that 80 percent of the US female population want to fuck him even though that 80 percent are a bunch of uneducated, toothless, poor, single mothers living in the middle of fuckin’ no where, but because cowboys are known to be the best rapists in these parts, who like their whiskey, whores, gambling, horses and rape and I heard that Tim McGraw met his first girlfriend when he was a college kid and was getting “unruly” with a girl in his pick-up truck in the parking lot of a Billy Ray Cyrus concert. That’s where all the pussy went in those days.

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