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Tina Barrett From S-Clup 7 Half Naked Comeback of the Day

Tina Barrett is from S-Club 7 and for those of you who don’t know…S-Club 7 was one of the original fabricated for TV UK bands that I used to jerk off to when reruns played late night, cuz there was always a bitch, usually Rachel Stevens hard nippled in a bikini for at least a minute, and at the time, we’re going way back, these girls were 25 years old, but fast foreward 10 years, and here they are still pulling half naked for attention stunts, only at 35, which is kinda old to be gettin in lingerie, but I guess when you’re an S-Club 7 member, and not even the hot S-Club 7 member, you gotta take whatever you can get to promote your first solo record you’ve called “Coco Chanel” as a tribute to the last decade you spent being a fucking stripper…at least that’s what I assumed happened to this one….

The good news is, that despite hating 35 year old women, I kinda find these pics hot….

Here’s her single that she dropped 4 months ago and that only 70,000 people watched….star power that is pretty non existant and just sad and depressing….and most importantly – awful sounding.

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