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Tina Fey in Her Underwear for David Letterman of the Day

I watched this clip with no volume on because seeing Tina Fey in a one piece bathing suit with spanx covering what I assume are terrible upper thighs is not anything I really ever wanted to see…but maybe I’m just not turned on by 40 year old mom comedians who have taken over TV when TV was losing to the internet…

Or maybe I don’t like half assed jokes, it’s like commit to the fucking cause and actually strip down into your underwear…not whatever is going on here…

But she does have tits though, I guess so do most people….with vaginas….who haven’t had breast cancer.

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Tina Fey Nipple Slip of the Day

I didn’t watch the Emmy Awards, but can assume they suck…at least based on ALL THE PICS I SAW OF THE SHIT it seemed like a lot of overrated, average looking twats, trying to look their best, celebrating themselves and their bullshit careers of playing make-belief…that require very little talent…but with the right marketing makes the general public think they matter and are important…

But it turns out Tina Fey, the master of TV writing, wrote in a way to keep shit a little more interesting that it obviously was, with her nipple, because as a mom, with below average looks, showing nipple really isn’t a big deal, and it keeps people interested int eh shit for another hour hoping some other slip will happen again…

Tina Fey did it to save TV..or people’s interest in it…even though none of this shit matters…especially not Tina Fey’s nipple…a nipple that I’m not against seeing, but that I never ever wanted to see…I’m more into her face scar….

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Tina Fey in her Bathing Suit of the Day

I am a Tina Fey hater. I don’t find her interesting, clever, amazing, or attractive…..I don’t like funny girls…or girls who everyone think are funny and I don’t like their silly little chick jokes for chicks and not just cuz it is International WOmen’s day…but everyday….making her billions of dollars…even though everything about her and her humor annoys me….it’s just shit that talks to everyday 9-5 girls and whenever she is celebrated…I get annoyed….But I appreciate that she wears bikinis from the 1800s so that I don’t have to see her mom body….because her mom comedy is bad enough…

I guess Tina Fey’s not as horrible as I thought she was….but she is as horrible looking as I thought she was….proving I am always right…in some capacity or another…

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