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Tinashe Topless of the Day

Tinashe Topless

Tinashe, more like who-the-fuck-is-SHE?

It must be irritating for anyone who reads this site (I know you don’t actually exist)…to see that every post is a “Who is this”…or “I don’t know who this is”…it lacks effort and insight, it lacks passion and care..it’s a fucking cop out…you know like figure out who the bitch is before you post her.

Give an SEO friendly description and link to her latest stories.

Make a real media property out of your site after all these years…


Or just post her pics and be like “who the fuck is she”….shirt off tits out pantyhose ho.

Tinashe Topless


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Tinashe Short Shorts of the Day

Tinashe Ass in Short Shorts

We still don’t know who Tinashe is.

I just know she’s drunk and doing some sort of dance in what are either short shorts or little boy style underwear…

Let’s hope it’s little shorts…..

Because little boy underwear, like the superhero underwear with the Y seam is something I hate seeing women wear, and women do where them, and I know a dude who fucking loved when women did and would make his girlfriend’s wear them, while regular dudes are buying crotchless panties, this motherfucker would be a K-Mart buying a 6 pack of superhero underwear in size large….

Why would a dude want his girl to remind him of little boys, that’s creepy, I’m not psychologist, but clearly dude had a scout leader, or a school bus driver, or an elementary school teacher, or a little league coach, or a priest, or a Mall Santa, or a Disney Staffer in his life that showed him the ropes, or maybe that’s what his hopes and dreams and aspirations are….because I think men who dress their women up like little boys…likely are what you’d expect them to be….

That said…Tinashe is a singer who was dating a Basketball player who left her Kendall Jenner allowing her to exist…and now she’s looking like a good time for the Paparazzi like she should…

To See the Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Tinashe Got Them Titties On of the Day

Tinashe tits out in black crop top

Tinashe is some singer who no one has ever heard of, except maybe Britney Spears, since they did a song together….

As it turns out, she was fucking some NBA player, who left her for the Kardashians, in efforts to get in on that Kardashian show, and make moves as a Kardashian lover, since it gets all these guys extra rich, and all they have to do is stick their dicks in the Kardashian sludge pussy….

That’s the world we live in…

Well Tinashe, is clearly not avoiding the media in hopes of getting seen now that there is some press around her, because she’s as shameless as the dude getting up in the Kardashian, trying to milk the Kardashians…like the cows that they are….obviously some more cowlike than the others…since the Kardashian that stole this tit’s man was Kendall.

Fascinating world we live in.

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Tinashe Slutty for Wonderland of the Day

Tinashe Slutty White Bra and Yellow Skirt

Tinashe girl trying to make it, who reminds me that I am a basic racist, because I did a post on her and said that as been in the LA music scene for at least 7 years, yet that people only know about her because she dated Chris Brown….but as it turns out with my investigative journalism, sometimes I need to google these people, because my brain doesn’t really care about these people…I found out that was a lie.

She is trying to be the next Rihanna maybe, but she’s not trying to be the next Rihanna the same way Rihanna got famous…or more famous…from being beat up by Chris Brown….I guess…when you’re a popstar or attempting to be a popstar…you have options…

Likd doing shoots that don’t matter for Wonderland Magazine…

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Tinashe in a Magazine No One Should Really Care About of the Day

Tinashe is some mooch bitch trying to make it, who has been in the LA music scene for at least 7 years, yet who you only know about because she dated Chris Brown, despite his history beating women, it’s a small price to pay for the career advancements, sympathy of the masses and who knows, maybe it will workout the way it did for Rihanna, you know follow the leader situation when you’re a popstar or attempting to be a popstar…

I have only heard about her in the gossip magazines for whining about an abusive boyfriend being abusive…it’s an angle, that I guess works because now she’s out there doing instagram photoshoots like every singe woman with an internet connection…and she’s lookin’ alright…for a mooch bitch but in her defense, who isn’t a mooch bitch when they are out there trying to be famous…it’s a struggle..

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Tinashe Lickin’ Toilets for Dazed of the Day


You may know Tinashe from Polar Express…

Well now she’s a pop singer…and she’s licking mini toilets for some fashion magazine…

Which means dreams do come true, when you have proper stage parents who whore you out at 7 years old…allowing you to blossom into edgy hipster performer – because that’s what the kids are into – even though “hipster” doesn’t even exist…everything is mainstream…tumblr…thanks internet for killing scenes and making cool kids in scenes no longer exist…we are inclusive, politically correct, god’s people, even though there is no god, that would be cultural appropriation…all these pussies…

I am just mad that the toilet isn’t life sized and dirty…the way I like girls to lick toilets when I fuck them…I’m a romantic…

Here’s the video…

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