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Tinsley Mortimer is in a Bikini of the Day

I know that nobody cares about Tinsley Mortimer because she’s some Socialite from the South who lives in New York and is only really famous because of a few low level New York society magazines that write about her attending events, since it is all she does….but she’s in a bikini and that’s good enough reason for me to give this bottom feeding rich girl the attention she craves…cuz I figure I like watching Socialite’s fuck in video to launch their careers, and why not use these half naked pics as encouragement for her to get more naked, trust me, when she realizes how many people are posting these pics cuz there is no one else in bikinis to talk about, she’s going to make flying to Miami a weekly event, posing more and more and more until she turns into Heidi Montag or Paris Hilton, cuz that’s what I know she wants…It’s obvious…

The funny thing about her is that she says she is from James Madison’s bloodline to make her look more important than she is, while tons of Americans can use that line from people who live in trailer parks to people who live on Park Avenue. To black, white, poor and rich…but here she is playing it the fuck up. It’s funny.

Sure she’s not hot, she’s clearly a coked up party girl, at least that’s what her haggard face is telling me, but she’s good enough considering she’s in a bikini. That’s really all it takes cuz I know it’s the gateway paparazzi picture that leads to many more good times I am ready for.

To See The Rest of the Pictures – If you Care – Follow This Link

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Trashy Lookign Sluts at a Fashion Show of the Day

This is some bitch named Tinsley Mortimer, who apparently is from the south, has a rich father and landed her own TV show that I have never seen, and she’s doing the Richie Rich fashion show that Pam Anderson usually does semi topless , because I assume Richie Rich thought it would be clever to get rich girls to be his models, cuz he is clever like that….even though being named Rich, having a clothing company called Richie Rich, and featuring Rich girls as models is obvious, the dude was a club kid who did a lot of drugs in the 90s, give him some credit for not dying of AIDS, or ending up washed up on the street corner sucking dick for his next hit, while now he can just suck dick for the sheer enjoyment of sucking dick. That felt dirty to write…so wrong…

Here is some rich pussy and other idiots in what could be lingerie…..but is definitely boring…played out…and annoying…Just be happy I didn’t put the pictures of Ellen on the Runaway…cuz there is nothing hot about Ellen…ever….no matter how how the pussy she digs her whore lesbian tongue into….

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