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Tom Hanks Toddlers and Tiara’s for Jimmy Kimmel of the Day

Nice to see that I’m not the only person into Sexy Baby contests….Jon Benet just put me over the edge….I’m just fucking around…I am just annoyed that people think “DrunkenStepfather” means I rape my stepdaughters…when really it should mean I don’t provide for them because I am too busy spending their mother’s money on buying me more drink and hookers who let me ejaculate in them….Not anywhere on the site does it say anything about molesting family…even if they deserve it or even if you want to give them the gift of repressed memories that haunt them from ever wanting an intimate relationship due to an inability to ever trust a man….you know making lesbbians one midnight bedroom visit at a time…but I’m not into that shit…

I am however into spotting talent, and whoever they hired to play Tom Hanks in this Jimmy Kimmel viral is easilyg gonna be the next Justin Beaver.

That said…Jimmy Kimmel’s viral videos bring hope that Funny Or Die isn’t the home of celebrities in stupid skits and I’d like to thank him for that.

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