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Kristina for Tommy Wharf is Amazing of the Day

I don’t know anything about TOMMY WHARF other than that he posts pictures of his film in his fridge, so I am going to assume he’s a photographer…who still uses film…as a lot of these photographers are now doing – because digital takes the fun out of taking a picture – and film allows people to both be as annoying as being vegan, or in Crossfit, or a feminist about it..you know some hipster elitism that can allow film people to look down on the lesser photographers who don’t shoot on film…and I am all for that…because..I’m old as fuck, I remember film cameras, and I remember jerking off to porn pictures shot on film…and I find the whole experience of film, way more romantic…

And if you can’t tell from this site filled with throat fucking love stories…and scat fetishes….that I am a romantic…then you just don’t get me..

All this to say, telling girls an artist, getting some Penthouse from the 70s vibe going on in your pictures, all thanks to shooting on film is a solid hook…and her is a shoot he did, that I don’t know whether it was on film or not…because it doesn’t matter…just look at the pics…

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