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Toni Gaarn for Some Swimwear Line of the Day

Toni Gaarn is rumored to have had her asshole filled with Leonardo DiCaprio – but I am going to assume, based on her German roots, that the asshole that was filled was Leonardo DiCaprio, as she expelled everything in her asshole on his face, because when you get to his level of rich and famous, with girls throwing themselves at you from every angle, you need to experiment with things to get off…you are no longer normal and satisfied with hot pussy because all pussy you get is hot…so you need to dig deeper…it is kind of like what you have to do with masturbation…

That said, here she is in Aqua du Coco or some other nonsense brand that is supposed to be swimwear, but that is more like some shit old rich women would wear to cover their plastic surgery scars and baby making scars that were all part of the struggle in gold digging.

But Toni’s still alright.

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