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FHM’s Top 100 Hot Chick List

People like lists and I am not sure why but I do know that online Top 10, Top 15, Top Anything lists do well. If this site was a Top 10 site, my traffic would be through the fuckin’ roof and that kinda makes me want to start doing these kinds of lists because they seem pretty easy to compile since no real logic goes into them, they are solely based on opinion.

I like to think they are successful because we have no real thought process of our own and like shit to be served on a platter because we are lazy and so the next time we are with a group of friends we have something to talk about or debate because coming up with our own topics of conversation is hard and every dude can get down to a who’s hotter conversation like we were 14 and talking about the girls in our class.

I don’t see why knowing the Top 100 girls according to a magazine or according to anyone is relevant to anyone’s life. The truth is that all these magazines and sites compile these lists, get a lot of buzz about who they choose and include and the order they put them in. I just find it a waste of time to argue whether Alba is hotter than Britney or Lohan or Cuthbert, the fact is we’d fuck all of them and their order of hotness is pretty useless to me since I would fuck all of them, their home phone numbers and emails would be a little more useful because at least then I could use my charm to seduce them and by seduce I mean call the police and get me arrested for stalking them.

I always get in the argument that if any girl gets naked, no matter how disgusting she is, guys will watch and probably enjoy the show, so to say that one bitch is hotter than the next is bullshit because what I find hot, my friends don’t find hot, so seeing a list like this is pretty much a whole lot of bullshit, kinda retarded but since everyone does them, I’d rather be talking about FHM’s than some shitty men’s site, because at least FHM is a real publication and not a whole bunch of cheesy virgin dudes behind a screen….

To See the Entire List You’ll Just Have To….

Megan Fox in a Black Dress

Megan Fox in a Grey Dress

Megan Fox in a Red Dress

Megan Fox Plays With Her Boyfriend’s Boner

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