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Heather Chadwell Topless for Californication of the Day

Californication is probably the best show on TV. I mean I don’t watch TV and have never seen the shit, but I keep getting emails with topless bitches on the show. The last two weeks they took Eva Amurri , a rich kid with a famous mother and ridiculous tits and turned her into a lap dancing stripper, something I love and now they’ve taken some Reality TV star trash from Rock of Love and made her do the same fucking thing, probably a lot less of a challenge, considering she’s got fake tits and looks like she’s probably stripped many times before….

But it’s still like the show is reading my mind, you know turning everyday bitches into strippers, something I’ve been doing for years in my imagination, so I gotta give props for them doing it for all of us on TV and I guess there is really no reason to be posting this since you’ve probably already seen shit on tv….but here is this Heather Caldwell Chick getting pussy rubbed and titty sucked….

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