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Lydia Hearst and Some Other Models Topless in Purple of the Day

I am happy that Terry Richardson finally let a little loose and brought some of his historic work to this photoshoot in Purple. Maybe his corporate gigs don’t let him take the pictures into the erotic, naked place he’s known for, but luckily Purple is the porn magazine for Fashion. They know that tits get attention and for some reason the models they hire for the shoot seem really down in stripping down, I even feel like they don’t even get paid to do these shoots, it’s all volunteer-based, and the depressing thing in all this is that they’d never do anything like this for me, no matter how I spun it into lookin’ like it’s for art or fashion…

One of the models is Lydia Hearst, who is my internet friend and who I think is amazing, partially because she’s my internet friend, but also because she hasn’t called the cops on me or blocked me on Twitter, when most of these girls are too insecure or stupid to get my jokes or what I do, not that I really even know what I do, but I do know it doesn’t seem to bother Lydia….and that just makes her and her tits the best….

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Some Models Getting Topless in a Hotel Bar Video of the Day

I got this email:

We captured some footage of some models taking their tops off at the celeb-infested Rose Bar in The Gramercy Park Hotel. It was written up in Page Six in the NY Post: We have an uncut, racy clip and wanted to see if you’d be interested in posting it on your site.

The answer is yes. Sure I don’t get what is going on in the video, but shit, if it’s models getting topless in a bar, I’m down, even if I can’t jerk off to the video….

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