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Tori Black Naked in a Mainstream Movie of the Day

I’ve probably said this before, but I’ll say it again.

Tori Black is probably the best looking pornstar out there. She’s the kind of girl who could have chosen any path, whether being the next Megan Fox, or Alba or whatever, but instead she chose getting fucked on camera.

I’m not entirely sure if that was a good thing or not, I mean sure being able to cross reference a bitch with her dick choking ability is a nice feature, but there’s this level of mystery that comes with not being a pornstar that makes a bitch far more interesting to me…..

Even in all my laziness as a pervert, I prefer wondering how a bitch fucks than seeing it in produced cheesy internet videos….making me one of the few dudes who hates porn bitches….and prefers thinking a bitch is wholesome and not getting paid for her fuck…cuz being in porn is too easy, trashy and most of the time boring….give me an amateur or a sex tape, even a staged sex tape any fucking day….it’s the same reason I prefer going to real bars over stripclubs, cuz at least when I see up a bitch’s skirt at a real club, it has what seems like some meaning, value, etc.

Either way, here’s Tori Blacki in some Mainstream Horror movie called Half Moon that I’ve never heard of…naked…even though you can just google to see her really REALLY naked…if you know what I mean…making this mainstream career an obvious one…

Here’s the premise – guess who she plays:

“Half Moon” tells the story of a city gripped with fear because of a man killing prostitutes.”

This is some real low grade shit…my god…..this can’t be called mainstream, sure it’s not porn, but it is definitely fucking smut…. FOLLOW ME

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