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Some Suts at Some Event I Wasn’t Invited TO of the DAy

There are a lot of events that I don’t get invited to. I am not entirely sure why, I mean maybe it’s because I am not as important as any of these unknown bitches, maybe because I don’t suck dick, maybe cuz my tits are round and my man pussy not lubricated, but it’s probably because people don’t know I exist, not that I’d go if I was invited, cuz who the fuck are these bitches and why the fuck are the paparazzi taking pictures of them….but more importantly why the fuck am I posting pictures of them…

The movie is called The Rite. I’ve never heard of it but by the attendence of the premiere I can tell you it is going straight to DVD….

I didn’t bother googling them, I don’t even why I bothered posting them

Torrey De Vitto’s Pasties, assuming she’s not Danny De Vitto’s mistress…

Marija Karan….

Carla Ortiz…..

Charlotte Ross …..

Yeah, I don’t know why I did this post either…but it’s done…so we can all move on…

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