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SoCal Val and Traci Brooks in a Locker Room Photoshoot of the Day

It amazes me that wrestling, in all it’s fucking stupidity, still exists. Hicks and rednecks and closet case social awkward idiots still flock to their TVs to watch grown men play fight, like it was the 80s and real fighting wasn’t televised. It just makes no sense.

The only thing that does make sense about the shit is not THE ROCK, or Stacy Kiebler, but the fact that they cast these stripper bitches for the trash to flock to and jerk off to, when they pin them up in the ring to grind around like a backyard mud wrestle, without the mud.

So I don’t know who SoCal Val or Traci Brooks is, but I am sure 90 percent of people in a trailer park do, which means you. So here are some pics of their photoshoot.

I don’t find them hot – but they are naked and sharing a towel, as poor people do, so here are the pics.

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