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Tracy Edmonds in a See Thru Shirt of the Day

Here is movie producer, real estate agent and ex wife of Babyface and Eddie Murphey at different times named Tracy Edmonds. She’s been involved in such classics as Who’s Your Caddy?, Good Luck Chuck and more relevant to our generation, you know the piece of work that will follow her name into the history books, Lil Kim: Countdown to Lockdown. Either way I think she’s in a see thru shirt, but it really may not be cuz I don’t see anything incriminating, and by incriminating I mean genitals or nipples. That said, I’m not going to hate on her, because the world needs people to produce the shit content, because otherwise we won’t know what’s good. If anything, I can relate to her because it’s what I do everyday….

Pics Via FamePictures

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