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Tara Reid Does Tradeshows of the Day

There comes a time in every useless celebrity’s life, the kind who is hot for a minute and spends the rest of her career drinking heavily to make up for not having any talent other than the look guys want to fuck, slowly self destructing your once appealing young lookin’ face and turning into that of a haggard catcher’s mitt, where they have to accept the fact that the free ride is pretty much over. Tara Reid was the hired help at the Ed Hardy founder’s booth the other day, you know working a fuckin’ tradeshow like an aspiring model who doesn’t have what it takes to ever be famous, handing out free samples and trying to seduce buyers to pick up the company’s product line and that’s a pretty far cry from gracing the silver screen in teen comedies. I guess it’s safe to assume that she needs the money since she hasn’t worked in years and I guess it’s an easier gig and paid better than anything you did today, but it’s still must be pretty depressing knowing that the next step is to turn tricks for money as a high class escort or work the local Costco handing out samples of shitty pre-made food, only to be told repeatedly by the customers that she looks a lot like Tara Reid, where she’ll respond saying that she gets that all the time, because the embarrassment of admitting to such a horrible ending to a career that once seemed prosperous is just too damn depressing…Either way, she’s showing off her back and I feel like there’s not enough exposed backs on the site, so I guess she’s not totally useless.

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