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Kendra Wilkinson’s Rocks the Pole for Website Traffic of the Day

I don’t know where these whores get off producing Safe For Work content for their personal blogs, but it just doesn’t fuckin’ compute in my head.

First of all she’s a Playboy chick and in being a Playboy chick, seeing her Stripper Pole Dance like a suburban mom after work, in a pair of shorts is not fuckin’ worth looking at. You see, I have already seen her vagina, therefore, I want to see her on a pole the way she was meant to be on a fucking pole and that’s like the Playboy Feature Dancer and Heffner prostitute she is.

So whoever runs her site, maybe this kind of content would work as a cheap and manipulative way to get traffic for your other sites, like the Kim Kardashian family site, or the Audrina site, or even the Brody Jenner site, since we all know he’s a faggot, but for a Playboy chick, you’re gonna have to get some pussy lip up on here, none of this cheesy shit, even if it is what she does in her spare time…

But I guess above all, who really gives a fuck about Kendra Wilkinson in the first place…but if you do – here are the pics.

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