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The Plight of a Transgendered Teen of the Day

Here’s a video for all you weirdos who love teenage girls, but hate that it is illegal and hard to pull off because here’s a story about a teenage boy who dresses like a girl, making him emotionally damaged enough for you to totally get up in him without fear of getting in trouble because he just wants to feel loved and if anything will appreciate your dick.

Sure it’s a little gay, but he is like the perfect kid for teachers and scout leaders to molest because he’s got some heavy fuckin’ issues and is fucked up enough to just want to feel accepted and loved and on the plus side, you can’t accidentally knock him up, saving you tons of embarrassment if he was an actual girl and decided to keep it. Try explaining that one to your wife….it doesn’t go over well, especially if you’re like me and refused to impregnate my wife, kinda slapping her in the face when the 17 year old came collecting the abortion money I had to borrow from my wife…

Either way, I dont get transgendered people, I don’t get cross-dressers, the whole thing is fucked up to me, despite being guilty of wearing my mom’s clothes when I was 4, but that doesn’t count, cuz she was a prostitute and I thought the strap-on dildo was a unicorn horn.

I don’t know why I am posting this, I guess because it’s funny to laugh and people having identity crisis, and definitely not to help get his story out there to loosen the laws on cross dressing, because unlike today’s generation, I don’t think we need to encourage circus behavior at a young age, let people figure all the darksides of the world on their fucking own. Repress and oppress that shit like they did the last hundred years, stop trying to re-invent the wheel and change our comfortable place……you selfish panty wearing pansy motherfucker.

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