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Trista Rehn Sutter Bikini Pictures of the Day

I don’t know who Trista Rehn Sutter is, but I do know that a white bikini is my poison, because when white bikinis get wet they reveal things that only having sex with a girl reveals and despite being a pretty attractive homeless lookin’ man who smells like shit, getting the girl in the white bikini to have sex with me is usually not an option….so I take what I can get.

So this physical trainer turned, Miami Heat dancer turned reality star in her mid-30s may not be the ideal girl to watch run around the beach in a white bikini, like this hard-bodied 19 year old I used to spy on tanning at the park who pretty much let half her vagina hang out of the shit without knowing, but she’s better than nothing and since it’s January, there’s pretty much nothing out there, so beggars can’t be choosers or some shit, even though I’ve always been the kind of beggar who only wants the best. All the other poor fuckers I know think I am a snob because I only eat brand name soup.

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