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Hilary Duff Loading The Trunk of the Day

I spend a good amount of time at the supermarket watching mom’s load their cars up with groceries, not because I can’t afford to get groceries and it is like when people drive through the rich part of town to look at the big houses, but because I like mom’s when their husbands are work.

I like them better when they are into yoga and staying fit, and even better when they are dressed like their teenage daughters in leggings, because I know how well traveled and experienced those mouths and pussies are.

As a guy who likes to fuck with young girls, breaking that mold and getting a real whore who doesn’t cry rape when you test their boundaries, and who doesn’t think facials/doggystyle/anal is being really adventurous is legendary. Especially when their hot daughter is in the other room and their husband is out making money to put that food they just loaded in the car on the table while I stare at their asses.

Unfortunately, the only wife and mother I’m fucking is my wife and she weighs in at 350 pounds.

Here’s Hilary Duff on set of some show bending over the trunk you’d like to throw her in, shut and drive to some abandoned warehouse to have your way with her. Creep.

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