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Haylie Duff Trying to be Sexy and Useless of the Day

Haylie Duff tried to sex it up at Newport Beach Film Festival because it was the only Film Festival that was bottom feeding enough to let her be the special invited guest as no other actual movie stars would return their calls, while Haylie Duff had little else to do and was honored to be a part of the shit, since she’s been in movies despite lookin’ like a bootleg Sarah Jessica Parker, which isn’t saying much, because an actual Sarah Jessica Parker is hideous and I guess the real entertaining thing in all this was that she tied up her button down men’s shirt like some kind of slut improvising an outfit for her walk of shame to be less shamefull….in a Britney Spears first video kinda way…with a hell of a lot less impact..in fact shit was so bad my photoshop crashed 10 times when trying to resize these fuckers..but you probably like it because you like anything with breasts.

Pics via Fame

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