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Lingerie Bowl Tryouts of the Day

They have tryouts for the lingerie bowl. These are the pictures. I find that to be a bigger joke than anything I could write to go along with this.

I can just imagine when the idiots came up with the concept of girls playing football in their lingerie, I guess they went to some marketing school that taught them that girls doing anything in their lingerie will get other idiot dudes excited and buying tickets, because idiot dudes are really fucking basic and all they need is conventionally “hot” girls with “cleavage” and “fake tits” to get them excited about life and add some spice back into their marriages.

I wish I was that easy and that a set of big tits on a tacky bitch got me excited and screaming like a frat boy jock, and not as jaded as I am not, because I don’t fall for these novelties. The only thing that gets me screaming is when I come across vaginal puppeteering. You know, when bitches make their pussies talk in public, but that’s just because I like vagina and puppets and the combination of both is just too nutty for me to contain myself. I am sure we’ve gone over this already.

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