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Moment of Truth is the Devil of the Day

Here’s a crazy segment from the show Moment of Truth. which is pretty evil show on TV because the truth seems to hurt people who have emotions. I am all for people who want to make money going out there and airing their laundry on national TV, but this shit was next level.

She basically admits to marrying the wrong dude and cheating on the current dude, breaking that dude’s heart on national TV, then she loses everything because Karma is a bitch and she lied about thinking she’s a good person when in reality she knows she’s evil.

I guess people do cheat and it’s not that big of a deal. I try to encourage my wife to getting out there and finding new cock behind my back. I tell her how exciting it will be to be secretive and shit and that it will add a whole new dynamic to our sex life….because when I find out I’ll have grounds for divorce, still get palimony and live happily ever after….knowing I don’t need to get in bed with that again….

What I really think they should have done is asked detailed questions about how she cheated. Like where did she take the dude’s load, where it went down, how big his dick was, whether she had bush, if her pussy was an “inny” or an “outty”, what positions they hit, but then again, I am a pervert and I like visualizing these things.

Either way, it was nice to see her lose it all, because I don’t think people should be rewarded for home wreckin, unless those people are me.

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I am – Mary Kate Olsen on Weeds of the Day

Here’s a clip o Mary Kate Olsen on the show Weeds telling some dude that she can see his boner and it reminds me of a time when I used to get boners. I have really only been unable to get it up for a couple of years now and I do get the random semi every once in a while but maybe I am just desensitized or something and looking at my fat wife naked is enough for anyone’s brain to go into defense mode so that I don’t ever make the mistake of fucking her.

There was a time when I was a teenager when drinking a couple of beers would get me hard. If I smoked a joint I’d get hard. If I took the bus to school I’d get hard. If I watched girls in bikinis I’d get hard. If I saw a girl in short I’d get hard. If I held hand with a girl I’d get hard. If I saw porn I’d get hard. When I went to the strip club I’d get hard just being there. If my friend’s mom was doing the dishes I’d get hard. If my English Teacher was writing on the board I’d get hard. Watching the girls in my calls play volleyball would get me hard. If I was alone with a chick for more than a minute I’d get hard. It was a constant erection that was tucked behind my belt. Luckily, my dick has always been so small that I never got busted or outed by anyone for having wood. I could do a class presentation in a pair of sweat pants rocking full bone and no one would fucking notice…that wasn’t such a good thing later in life when all I could offer girls was bad sex they didn’t feel, but it was a blessing when I was 15.

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