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A Whole Lot of Bitches at the Twilight Premiere of the Day

It was the biggest fucking night in Hollywood….Twilight the pretend Last Episode cuz they are going to make more since it makes so much money premiere…..or what I prefer to call Porno for Tweens….cuz I tried watching the shit…all 109 year old vampire fucking a high school girl…both looking like they have aids, or a meth addiction, in some horrible acting, dialogue, shot on a digi cam with a weird green filter that makes me feel like I’m having a stroke….bullshit that makes billions….

I wasn’t invited, I never am, cuz I’m creepy and irrelevant but it turns out everyone else was…including some pussy…because like a videostore clerk offering his 16 year old neighbor some free twilight rentals if Twilight brings out the pussy.

I coulda done a post for each and every one of these bitches, but why not put it all into one like an orgy that will never happen, but in your weirdo fantasies, weirdo.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Banaged Up Looking Good from Far…and Her Tits looking ridiculous from close…I guess she’s getting the hang of getting noticed, it’s only been 2 decades of us talking about her tits, she might as well show them, despite the rest of her fat ass catching up to their disproportioned goodness….

Briana Evigan Rock Hard Tits

Genesis Rodriguez in Something Kinda See Through….

Maria Menounos Hotness

The Jenner Sisters or the new generation Kardashian Sister…designed to replace and take over so Kris Jenner’s womb has a legacy that spans different markets….staring with the pedophiles…cuz they are longer, leaner, hotter, and underage than their piggy, immigrant, trash sisters who should be shot out back like the dogs they are….

Here’s some mother daughter Heather Locklear and Ava Sambora Action…

Melissa Joan Hart the Pig Years

Cassie Scerbo’s a total slut all boxy and weird cleavaged in red….

Christian Serratos Proves Hormones in the FOod Aren’t All That Bad….except for the cancer thing….cuz they grow them titties to be nutty…

Ashley Greene Dressed Like One of those New Floral Tampons…designed to catch all blood…

Ashley Tisdale Had to Pee

Some Other Bitch Named Dania Ramirez or something spic..

It’s not a party without BLOSSOM!!

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