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I am – UFO Sighting in Canada of the Day

This was just sent into me and I decided to post it, since the last alien I wrote about was Hayden Panettiere and figure it’d be nice to switch it up. So this exciting video is of a UFO sighting in Canada and all I can do is laugh at the dude’s funny accent. I am pretty desensitized to all this paranormal shit, because I don’t give a fuck whether ghosts or alien exists and there’s all kinds of documented sightings from weird people who I wouldn’t trust baby sitting my kids and I don’t even have kids, so that’s how weird the fuckers are. It’s like whenever I tell dudes who have sisters that if I had a sister I’d totally get down with them all through my teens and that they wasted prime opportunity of having them sneak into their room at night,. They always get disgusted, but to me she’s just another chick that’s more accessible since you live in the same house an it’s not like she’s going to tell anyone because society is totally against that kind of hookin’ up, but if she does, they’ll be taking you away.

Either way, if we exist, then the chances of aliens exist are pretty fucking high based on common sense. To say that God put us on this earth to do our thing and is going to blow us up because we are sinners makes a lot less sense than the concept of Aliens existing, unless God was an alien and this shit is like the science fair project I made in the fifth grade that was on sewage. I basically shat in a box and failed, even though I made that shit myself, unlike the annoying rich girl who made some elaborate hydro-electric dam.

So here’s your UFO Sighting in Canada. Maybe it’s a military test, maybe it’s Paris Hilton coming back from the future like Marty Mcfly since she is getting cryogenically frozen and by the time they figure out how to defrost a herpes ridden whore, they’ll probably have invented a time machine that they probably didn’t use too often, because otherwise they’d know what the fuck they were getting themselves into and they’d keep the bitch on ice and maybe it’s actually aliens but I just think it’s a bunch of inuits having a good time eating a raw seal and huffin’ some gasoline.

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