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Mischa Barton and Her Ugly Friend of the Day

So drug addict party girl Mischa Barton is following Tara Reid’s footsteps of being the girl who was once in movies and on TV who managed to take a liking to cocaine, drinking and traveling around the world. Only instead of going to the Ed Hardy, Girls Gone Wild, mainstream college parties, Mischa Barton, is doing the underground, electo, indy, hipster, artist, fashion, rich kid scene that’s slowly becoming mainstream as Kanye steals their music and style and American Apparel continues to open stores and Urban Outfitters continues to hire these rich kid hipsters to be in their campaigns….

I guess the drugs are good because she manages to stomach spending time with this weird lookin dude, who’s eyes are freakishly close together, motherfuckin’ cyclops shit, that looks like he’s eating his fucking face because he’s got no chin and I feel like I’m watching a fucking cartoon. Here are the pics…Nice Pants.

Here is the guy with a girl I’d like to fuck the trendy hipster bush, because brazilians are for Ed Hardy chicks, off of….

And just so you know, Mischa Barton and her ugly friends were at Sting’s 17 year old daughter’s concert. Her band is called Coco and the Ladyboys or I Blame Coco, I’m not really sure, but I do know that she looks like a dirty rich kid hipster try hard and here’s some pictures of her performing like an idiot…

Here’s some try hard to make us believe she is high and drunk and authentic despite her dad being a celebrity music…..and I kinda liked it….but I like everything about being drunk forever…

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