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Mick Jagger’s Aspiring Model Daughter Looks Tired of the Day

I know this girl is a little kid, but I figure if she puts herself out there, I have the right to write about her. She’s Mick Jagger’s teenage daughter. She’s done some sexed up modeling and I think she looks like a typical rich kid because she looks like a fucking wreck…you know the richer they come, the less they shower and the more dazed and jacked on prescription pills they are, in something I don’t really understand, since if I was a rich kid, I’d be a champion tennis player at the country club, and as far from the gutter I am currently in as possible….

Either way, her father is a rockstar her mother is a model wreck and with those kinds of connections, it’s easy to get work doing what your spoiled brat ass always wanted to do and that’s model, because up until now, no one has paid much attention to your weird looking face, except people who wanted to fuck you to get to meet your parents and lucky for the modeling agency who is trying to impress her dad by giving her a gig, it i amazing what lights and make-up can do for a bitch.

I’d like to thank nepotism for her as I post these non-professional, non made-up, non lit pics…

Pics via Fame

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