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Rihanna Impersonator Grabs her Pussy of the Day

Her name is Alexandra Imelda Cecelia Ewan Burke. She is a singer who won X Factor. She is from the UK and he does a mean Rihanna impersonation on stage.

I’ve never listented to her music, partially because I never heard of her before today, but also because I don’t really care for music from the UK, mainly because Virgin Radio launched in Canada and every week they have a UK hour direct from the UK and I had never heard songs that bad in my life prior to listening to that show, it was like for every song I’d say “How the fuck did that get made, let alone get on the fucking radio”….

But as long as bitch is slutting out and flashing her 21 year old black ass on stage, I’ll pay attention, no matter how much her performance is based on watching Rihanna DVDs, mainly because black chicks don’t like me and that makes me want them more, especially the black chick in my building who my wife told me attacked her, cuz my wife is a racist, and who I decided to threaten at 5 am with a kitchen knife in hand, screaming some pretty horrible things, thanks to being totally fucking wasted, which turns out is not a good way to make friends, or to taste the sweet black berry….not that i know the taste of the black berry is sweet…I’m a failure in that fetish…along with pretty much all aspects of life…but you don’t want to hear about that….but maybe you do wanna see more of this bitch….

Pics via LFI

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