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Some Old Person Street Fight in the Ukraine of the Day

I just woke up because it is Halloweeen and the inner frat boy in me was looking for sluts all night, but no one was dressed up at the bar was at, it was filled with poor, old, lonely, depressing people and I was too lazy to make a move, so I ended up getting wasted enough to think the female cop who woke me up from the park I was passed out in at 4 am was just a college girl dressed like a dirty cop. She was nice enough to not arrest me and give me a lift home, and here I am today….

This video is of some old people battling in the Ukraine and it reminds me of what my body feels like right now…a serious fucking disaster and based on what I left int he toilet just 5 minutes ago , it’s like my intestines are dressing up for halloween too, as a rotting murder victim….

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