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I am – Melanie Brown Leaving Dance Rehearsals of the Day


Here are some Mel B, Scary Spice, Woman With Illegitimate Kid Who’s Baby Daddy Wouldn’t Admit it’s His Because She’s Obviously a Quality Chick So She Had To Get a Paternity Test Like She Was White/Black Trash on Maury, Melanie Brown in some kind of unitard that’s touching her ass, tits and vagina all at the same time like some miracle fabric. She’s leaving dance practice for the upcoming dancing with the stars and I think shit is hot and by hot I mean better than nothing. She was the Spice Girl with the hardest nipples and the on the top of my list to fuck provided their careers ended and she ended up on the street like most girls I charm with my low income. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen because of shows like Dancing With The Stars that are there to give everyone a second fucking chance that they don’t deserve.

So here she is looking alright for someone who just had a kid, she’s bigger but if you put her next to my fat wife she’d look like this anorexic chick we used to lock in a room and force to eat a cupcake because watching the struggle made for good times. She’d cry about how sweet it was and she’s gag and shit and it was just a fucking cupcake. I wish my wife had that problem…but she’s more into eating every cupcake at the neighbor’s kid’s birthday party leaving 20 kids pretty fucking unhappy.

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