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Unkle Kracker Leaked Girl on Girl Video of the Day

The exciting thing about Unkle Kracker is that he brings hope to aspiring musicians that anyone can have a record deal.

Is his shit real music or is it a comedy act, I just can’t figure out his deal and I guess that doesn’t matter.

I got this leaked video from his new album and there are chicks making out in it buried beneath the lame male masturbation jokes, that are the kind of jokes that destroy my soul from the inside out, because I like to believe the general population is smarter than finding a guy with body lotion containers funny, but the concept of a guys girlfriend turning dyke who has sex on a website is amazing, because for the average person breaking up means never seeing your ex naked again, not that any or my exes are worth seeing naked – but you know what I mean….

You may find this funny and I’m all about posting exclusives, it makes me different than everyone else and sometimes we all need that…

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