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Who is Kimmy Stewart of the Day

I guess Kimmy Stewart’s half minute of fame from being Rod Stewart’s neglected daughter with a drug addiction is officially over, because the paparazzi listed this picture of this fucking battered looking girl with Sean Stewart as her,but then again I guess these could be of her, because they are the experts and I don’t really remember what she looks like, I kinda feel like Rod Stewart when he was reunitied with her after 10 years of neglecting her, rockin’ the globe and fucking models, having orgies, making millions of women wet in their panties while making millions, instead of teaching her how to ride a bike, or giving her advice about boys, or whatever it is that dad’s do when they aren’t stepfather’s who play bikini fashion show….like me…

Either way, if it is her, she looks horrible and her brother is a little “too close to her” and if it isn’t her then Sean Stewart’s gotta learn how to spend his daddy’s money better, and he can start by seducing fresh faced hot bitches who fantasize about the lifestyle he can offer them. This monster is a disgrace to being a male socialite.

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