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Short and Thick Pussy Feeling Herself Up of the Day

When I look at Hayden Panettiere, I just can’t help but imagine how strong her vagina is. Like can it carry bricks and help build a village for a small African tribe, or is all her muscle in her shoulder. Would fucking her result in getting your dick ripped the fuck off and used as a tampon, or would it be a magical experience you’d expect from getting with a dirty little elf. Would cumming on her chest be one of those things that emotionally scars you, you know leading to dreams of sex with 12 year old boys, because you can’t figure out if it was Hayden, or her boyish attributes that finished you off…..

Either way, here she is feeling herself up, because I guess guys know better than to get too close to her, because either way, she’s just a little too tough, like leather.

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